Returning to Barre Classes after a Break

Even the most dedicated barre devote will occasionally have to miss the odd class. Barre instructors are not immune from the way life can throw curve balls that will disrupt best-laid plans. And even barre instructors go through ups and downs with their own practice.

If you’re lucky, you’ll be missing barre class because you’re on an amazing holiday somewhere exotic and fabulous. If you’re unlucky it will be because you’ve been struck down with a hideous cold and can barely move from your bed. Or it could be because that old foe –low morale and no motivation –has reared its unwelcome head. Sometimes it just feels like the distance from the couch to the barre studio is just too immense and your mind or body just feels too exhausted to get there.

Whatever the reason for missing a barre fitness class –or a whole fortnight of barre classes for that matter –it’s important not to be too tough on yourself about it. Find a little kindness for yourself and get yourself back to class with encouragement rather than criticism.

  • Needing a time-out is something everyone can relate to. If that’s what you’re after, be honest with yourself about it, decide how long you’re going to take, and make the most of the time by resting if that’s what you need. When it’s time to rock up to barre class again you will be refreshed and ready to return.
  • Feeling blue and lacking the motivation to get to class can be a really awful way to feel. Just about everyone will experience that kind of energy-sapping lowness at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, it can turn in to a bit of cycle given that one of the things sure to make you feel better –exercising –is one of the things you’re finding it hardest to do. The company of a friend can often work wonders in this situation. Ease your way back to class by booking in a couple of sessions together with a mate and make it enjoyable for yourself –have a coffee in the sunshine afterward or a long soak in the bath. Sometimes it’s just returning for that first class that can break the mood and get you back on track. But if the blues stick around, make sure you talk to someone –everyone needs some help sometimes.
  • Returning to your barre class after a holiday can be bittersweet –you had an amazing time and feel refreshed and enriched but you know that doing that first Barre Attack class after a three-week break is going to be an absolute killer. Will I make it? Are my glutes up to it? How will I ever get back on track after all that cheese/wine/lazing around?! Of course you will! Sure, the first few classes will be tough but you’ll be back in the swing of it in no time. Enjoy the process of feeling your fitness and strength return –it can be very satisfying. And make sure you hold on to all that great holiday energy!
  • Coming back to barre class after injury can tough in all kinds of ways: you might be feeling anxious about being “out of shape” or nervous about the injury or a bit demoralised that your body has been through the wringer. This is a time when you really need to speak to your instructor and work together (including with your physio or anyone else who is helping you recover) to make sure your return to barre is safe and productive. Don’t do it alone! As a barre instructor yourself, you know how important it is to be aware of any injuries your clients have so you can modify exercises and ensure they are exercising safely. Make sure you do the same for yourself.
Missing some classes is not the end of the world. As a barre instructor you will see your clients go through all kinds of stages–pregnancy, injury, holidays, and just plain old motivational slumps –and still eventually return to the barre. It’s the same for you –sometimes even your best intentions will be undermined by sickness or other circumstances beyond your control. So don’t be hard on yourself. Take the time you need, reach out for help if you need it, rest, recover and return when you can. That barre isn’t going anywhere and you know it will make you feel a whole lot better once you can get back to it.