Barre Teacher Training FAQs

What is Barre Attack?

Barre Attack is the most popular Barre Class in Australia and is taught in 100's of locations.

It is a low impact, high intensity Barre fitness class combining the best of Pilates, fitness and ballet. Using a ballet barre, resistance bands, hand weights, Barre Attack sliding discs and Barre Attack balls it incorporates standing Pilates with core work and functional exercises. This flowing class format, typically performed to 128 beat music (check out Barre Attack albums on Powermusic) delivers a total body workout that is fun and easy to follow.

Is Barre Attack for everyone?

Yes, Barre Attack is a group fitness workout, all exercises are taught at a beginners level and the intensity is increased with the guidance of your instructor.

You can always choose to stay at the introductory pace. The method can be adapted to pre and post natal to dancers and athletes just ensure your instructor is a certified Barre Attack instructor. You can confirm your instructor is certified by contacting Barre Attack via the Barre Attack website.

What are the benefits of Barre Attack?

Barre Attack is a standing stability workout that is low impact on your joints but a high intensity workout to get real results. Your body will love you for it!

Using the best of Ballet, Pilates and Fitness we have created a functional fitness class using body weight, resistance bands and elastics combined with cardio intervals, rotation and core stability creating an effective and challenging workout.

Barre Attack includes elements of stretching, attention to posture and alignment with a focus on improving cardio-vascular fitness. Although the benefits from attending regular Barre Attack classes may vary you should expect to see one or more of the following:

  • Increased muscle tone, strength and endurance;
  • Increased stability and core control;
  • Improved balance and coordination;
  • Improved posture and body awareness; and
  • Most Importantly! A greater sense of self and body confidence.

How frequently should I practise Barre Attack?

Try attending Barre Attack Classes at least once a week, you will feel the difference! If you're attending two to three times a week everyone else will notice the difference!

What should I wear to Barre class?

Comfortable exercise wear, no shoes, socks are optional (we recommend our Barre Attack barre grippy socks!), water, towel and an open mind with what you can do with just a Ballet Barre.

Where can I attend Barre Attack classes?

Barre Attack is offered in numerous Gyms, Pilates, Fitness and Dance studios around Australia (and overseas).

Take a look at our Barre Class Locations Page for a studio near you or simply search for Barre Attack. You can also enjoy Barre Attack at home through our @HOME series that are designed to complement your studio based Barre Attack and Pilates classes.

How does Barre Attack @HOME work?

These are a mixture of online Barre classes and online Pilates classes, available to be streamed to any device.

Simply review the various classes available on the @HOME page. Select any of interest to read more and add to cart.

Once purchased you can view the class on any device as many times as you like. Simply login and go to ACCOUNT -> YOUR CONTENT -> @HOME.

How to become an instructor?

To learn more about becoming a Certified Barre Attack Instructor please visit our Training Platform site, Bodymaestro.com and read through the Barre Certification Journey page.

Once certified you can optionally extend your knowledge by attending one of our Advanced Training courses and also make use of our extensive library of online barre class formats through our VIP Membership period.

To learn more about becoming Barre Attack VIP Membership please visit our Barre Attack VIPs page.

Barre Attack Teacher Training is 100% online via our Training Platform site Body Maestro.

For certified instructors Face to Face options do exist.

Is Barre Attack Teacher Training Face-to-Face or Online?

100% Online. Barre Attack courses can be completed at your own pace 100% online via our training platform site Bodymaestro.com.

Once certified there is the option for face to face training or mentorship with Renee Scott, and a range of 100% online advanced courses.

How do I complete the certification? How long it will be valid for?

By completing the Foundation teacher training & examination workshop (certification). This is the only course you need to do to start teaching tomorrow as a certified Barre Instructor! Certification remains valid although we strongly recommend completing advanced trainings and becoming a VIP Member to get access to new class formats every other month.

How do I gain CECs?

You will be eligible for 11 CEC points with AUSactive (formerly Fitness Australia) once you have received your “Certified Instructor” certificate via email after completing the Foundations course and associated Examination. Advanced trainings may also be eligible for CECs.

What do I need to launch Barre Attack Classes at my studio?

You will need a fixed barre and Barre Attack certified instructors that have all attended our course and the workshop for certification. With respect to barre equipment we recommend the specifically designed range of Barre Attack equipment available on the website. Wholesale pricing is available and all certified instructors receive the certified barre instructor discount.

Where can I find certified instructors for my studio?

We have an extensive Private database of instructors who are teaching Barre Attack. Ideally, yourself and your instructors attend our training as most fitness centers or studios assist their own staff to attend our course. Once certified you can join our private instructor community with nearly 1,000 members and post job requests or similar.

How can I host a training?

Contact us via the Contacts Page. You will need at least 12 people to host a training at your studio. We require a fixed barre to conduct the training and have only limited dates. Many locations find it much easier have their instructors complete our online courses.

Are there any licensing fees or extra costs?

We don't have any licensing fees or compulsory extra costs. We do require that once you have completed your certification.

Certified Instructors have the option of becoming Barre Attack VIP Members. This is not compulsory but does have many benefits including freqent new choreography and excellent discounts on equipment. Learn More.

We also recommend that you attend our ongoing training every year. You can also optionally buy Barre Attack equipment and apparel and also stream our instructor-only online class format videos.