The Barre Attack Journey

By Founder and Creator Renee Scott

I started my career at the age of 15 in the Hamburg Ballet school in Germany and danced with The Hamburg Ballet Company over many years. Dancing was my passion, the grace and beauty of such fluid and extreme ranges of motion and emotion had captivated me from a young age.

After many years of blood, sweat and tears of joy and sorrow I believed I had a greater purpose to being on a stage performing for the public. It was hard-work staying in 110% shape all of the time and as much as performing delighted me I knew I needed more.

With my career ending at such an early age of 20 I was ready for my new adventure. I had always learnt and developed from the greatest movers of the world and I was intent to continue this journey of the beauty of movement.

I was lucky enough to meet Romana Kryzanowska in Cynthia Lockard's pilates studio in Surry Hills, Sydney. Romana was the direct descendant of Joseph Pilates and had taken leadership of his studio and method once Joseph Pilates passed away. I certified in the New York Pilates Method the first and oldest Pilates professional training program in the world, in New York in 2001.

The insight and knowledge, which I gained from such a remarkable woman is endless. Extremely humble but very sure of herself with quite a dry sense of humour. My curiosity had been ignited and I was delighted to learn more about this beautiful artistry of connecting the body to the mind, through apparatus and pure mat work.... what amazing tools, springs and specific routines could do for the body, wow!! What a genius Joseph Pilates was and still lives on in his work today.

Inspired by the will to learn and continually grow through personal development, I studied Pilates International, Balance Body University faculty training, Kundalini yoga, P.T, and was delighted to be selected as the only Australian to ever complete The BASI Passing the Torch mentor program.

My key influencers through this experience have been Nora St John for seeing my potential and nurturing it, Brett Howard for being so open minded and giving, Rael Isacowitz for understanding who I truly am and cultivating my inner strength and belief in myself, and the power of Pilates.

During my Mentorship with BASI head quarters in LA. I experienced Barre Fitness programs for the first time. What an amazing idea, Barre Classes that were designed for the general public to move and function better while standing, perfect!

At this stage in my career I had owned and run Balance Moves Pilates studio for 12 years and knew there was a missing link for my clients wellbeing. We didn't have cardio, and pilates was not enabling all of my clients to translate their work on a mat or apparatus to a standing position. The perfect solution, a Barre Fitness Class!

All of my goals, dreams, passions and experience rolled into one workout? Yes please!! I took on the challenge of creating what is now known as Barre Attack.

Barre Attack was born, and after many years of refining it in my pilates studio (thanks to all my very patient clients), I met all of my clients needs in the one workout! After experiencing many forms of Barre I really wanted it to be the ultimate full-bodied workout, for initially the Australian fitness market, then look at the possibility of going global.

Barre Attack is a low impact, high intensity workout combining the best of all the things I love most, from standing pilates work, short cardio intervals, to dance moves in a ballet class. The class is accessible for everybody and all levels of fitness.

I'm grateful for all of my life experiences to bring me to this point in my career. I truly believe this is exactly where I should be, empowering instructors and our clients to create beautiful, strong and graceful bodies from the inside out!

With Barre Attack's flowing sequences you will feel like your body is re-aligned, balanced and centered. Best of all you will feel more connected to your body, giving you a sense of self and confidence which can be only be ignited through the joy of movement.

Try our classes at home with Barre Attack @HOME or experience it at one of the many locations now teaching Barre Attack.

If you're an instructor, we host teacher trainings all around Australia several times a year. Check out the Barre Certification Journey for more information, or to book a course simply visit our Bodymaestro Training Platform page.

Happy Barre Attacking!!! and remember if you visit Bondi Beach make sure you visit the home of Barre Attack, Balance Moves Pilates and Barre Studio!!!!

Renee x