The Do’s and Don’ts of finding your Barre Instructor Voice

Every Barre Attack instructor is unique and will bring their own voice and style to a class. You know how challenging a barre class is and how much value you can bring – not only with your knowledge and physical expertise but with your ability to motivate and encourage. Words matter when it comes to exercise and finding the right ones to use and the best way to use them might take a bit of practice but once you’ve seen what your clients respond to and nailed your instructor style, your voice will become a crucial part of what makes you a fantastic instructor.

So what are some things to be aware of when you are finding your voice as a barre instructor?

Finding a balance

We’ve all seen those personal trainers who yell at their clients during a workout screaming in their ears like they are some kind of army general. That is definitely not our style at Barre Attack! We love to create a positive environment for our clients – not one where they feel intimidated. So it’s a matter of finding a balance between giving your barre clients enough tough love to keep those burpees going and enough acknowledgment of how awesome they are to make them want to keep coming back.

Not like this: “Come on, don’t be so weak, you can do better than that.”

Like this: “You’ve got this – I know it’s tough but you’re up to it!”

Acknowledging different levels in the class

Chances are you will often have people in your barre class who are trying Barre Attack for the first time. They are probably feeling a bit nervous – wondering what to expect, whether they’ll be able to keep up, where to find the props, where to stand. If you get a chance to connect with any new clients before the class begins, it’s always nice to be able to give them an encouraging welcome. But otherwise, there’s no need to single anyone out. The best way to accommodate any newbies is to make sure you offer up plenty of exercise modifications so that clients can choose a level of challenge suited to their ability. And keep treating your whole class as a team – just paying attention to your regulars or focusing on “in” jokes can alienate people who are trying to find their place in a new and challenging environment. On the other hand, if you can see that you have a class full of regulars, then encourage them to really go for it and tailor your class to push experienced clients to the next level!

Not like this: “Come on my regular ladies – this is just like what we did last week.”

Like this: “Ok everyone, we’ve got a few variations on this exercise so listen up and go with which one suits you best!”

You’re all in it together

You know better than anyone how tough a barre class can be because you’ve done them. So use that to create a bond with your clients. They will love being reminded that you know exactly how tough those butt and ball circles are but that you also know they won’t kill you.

Like this: “I promise you, I know those glutes are really hurting now – I’ve been there! But keep it up – you can do it.”

Your acknowledgment matters

Of course, you want your clients to be doing barre because it makes them feel great about themselves – not because of what anyone else thinks. But a little love from the instructor can really go a long way to make clients feel like they are on the right track so don’t hold back on paying your class a compliment if they are doing well – it will give them an extra boost.

Like this: “Amazing energy levels from you all today – you are doing a fabulous job!”

So get your playlist pumping, your microphone on, and show that barre class what’s what!