Barre Attack

Advanced - Ball & Elastic

Advanced - Ball & Elastic
  • SUN 11 SEP 2022 - SYDNEY (FACE 2 FACE)
SUN 11 SEP 2022 (2:30PM TO 6:30PM)
Virtual (Zoom Live)
info@barreattack.com (0424 133 544)
SUN 11 SEP 2022 (2:30PM TO 6:30PM)
Balance Moves - 72A Hall St Bondi Beach
info@barreattack.com (0424 133 544)

    All Barre Attack courses are presented in a format that is interactive, fun and easy to grasp. It is our goal for you to incorporate what you learn from the Advanced Ball & Elastic course into your Barre Attack teaching the very next day.  As a VIP member you can also purchase Balls and Elastics for a discount with your VIP20 code.

    "Barre Attack is easy to learn and easy to teach and most importantly your clients will rave about it."


    You must be a CERTIFIED BARRE ATTACK INSTRUCTOR to attend this course.

    Course Description

    Barre Attack Advanced Ball & Elastic Teacher Training (formerly called Advanced Level 1) provides a deeper understanding of Barre Attack techniques and comes with a whole new manual and repertoire. The course is designed to inspire, challenge, and excite your body and mind. Your students with definitely feel the benefits of your fresh new approach.

    By keeping your classes fresh and always evolving, you will retain your more advanced clients while adapting the method to cater for beginners. Each exercise will be demonstrated, discussed and practiced. Technical points to watch as well as how to teach including cuing will be covered for each exercise. The course will continue the Barre Attack class design and structure so that you can easily amend programming dependent on class length, student requirements, and fitness levels.

    Course Objectives

    • New class repertoire and brand new manual;
    • Options of more challenging exercises for your advancing clients;
    • All exercises use the familiar block system so you can start teaching and exchanging exercises in your class the very next day;
    • Retain your clients through a fresh approach and new routines;
    • Continued education of the Barre Attack teaching techniques;
    • Demonstrate the ability to correctly perform all the new Barre Attack exercises;
    • Understand the purpose and benefit of each Barre Attack exercise and section;
    • Understand the Barre Attack Teacher Training Ball & Elastic format and sequencing structure of the Barre Attack program, and how it relates to the Foundations Training;
    • Teach a Barre Attack class incorporating the new Barre Attack series in the correct blocks;
    • Modify a Barre Attack class dependent on desired class length and students' level, as well as advancing the repertoire for your long term students;
    • Exchange marketing ideas with other instructors who have implemented the Barre Attack within their studios; and
    • Enjoy working out and having fun with like-minded people from varying backgrounds and different teaching styles.

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