Barre Attack

Advanced - Loop Bands

Advanced - Loop Bands
  • SAT 18 JUN 2022 - SYDNEY (FACE 2 FACE)
SAT 18 JUN 2022 (12:30PM TO 5:30PM)
Balance Moves - 72A Hall St Bondi Beach
info@barreattack.com (0424 133 544)
SAT 18 JUN 2022 (12:30PM TO 5:30PM)
Virtual (Zoom Live)
info@barreattack.com (0424 133 544)

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    You must be a CERTIFIED BARRE ATTACK INSTRUCTOR to attend this course.


    Course Description

    Looking for new ways to challenge your clients and keep your classes fresh? Our new loop band cardio and foot strengthening course is the answer.

    Loop bands are small enough to store easily or travel with and they are an incredibly versatile way to reinvigorate the classic Barre Attack exercises as well as introduce a range of new options to your class. The loop band is adaptable enough to make it suitable for both advanced clients who really want to push themselves, and beginner and intermediate level clients who are building strength and technique.

    This course includes a whole new manual full of a new series using the ball, elastics and loop bands. We revisit our foundation series using the loop band and have added a special section for foot awareness and strengthening – an area that can sometimes be neglected but one that will greatly extend and enhance your practice and that of your clients.

    This is the ideal course to expand the scope of your teaching repertoire for both private and group classes. Your clients will love the diverse array of exercises it allows and will thrive on new ways of getting through those all-important cardio blocks.

    As always, the course will have a strong focus on body awareness and technique and you will find by the end that you have a more comprehensive understanding of the sheer potential of Barre Attack and of your own body.


    Instructor Benefits

    • New Manuals and new repertoire
    • Additional online class formats
    • True continuing education that builds on your existing knowledge
    • Fresh ideas and more challenging exercises for advanced clients
    • Connect with other advanced instructors

    Barre Loop Bands - For Certified Barre Instructors


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