Barre Attack

Advanced - Sliding Discs

Advanced - Sliding Discs
  • SUN 11 SEP 2022 - VIRTUAL (ZOOM)
  • SUN 11 SEP 2022 - SYDNEY (FACE 2 FACE)
SUN 11 SEP 2021 (10:30AM TO 1:30PM)
Virtual (Zoom Live)
info@barreattack.com (0424 133 544)
SUN 11 SEP 2021 (10:30AM TO 1:30PM)
Balance Moves - 72A Hall St Bondi Beach
info@barreattack.com (0424 133 544)

    All Barre Attack courses are presented in a format that is interactive, fun and easy to grasp. It is our goal for you to apply what you learn in our course the very next day, so that they're earning you money and helping you attract and retain clients. Note: You can purchase Barre Attack Sliding Discs from our store (VIP Members please use your VIP20 discount for 20% off).



    You must be a CERTIFIED BARRE ATTACK INSTRUCTOR to attend this course.


    Course Description

    Looking for a way to transform your workout and evolve your favourite Barre Attack routines? We have the answer! Renee's latest creation...the Barre Attack Sliding Discs Course.

    Our versatile sliding discs program can be incorporated into your Barre Attack block system or can add a new dimension to Private sessions and pilates classes. The Barre Attack sliding discs allows for smooth, fluid, graceful movements, working multiple muscle groups while engaging core stabilisation throughout the range of motion.

    Get a total body workout at home or in the studio, this is budget friendly, and uses little space with minimum impact on your joints. Barre Attack also has fantastic branded Barre Attack sliding discs available to certified instructors at wholesale rates.


    Course Objectives

    • New class repertoire and brand new manual;
    • Options of more challenging exercises for your advancing clients;
    • All exercises use the familiar block system so you can start teaching and exchanging exercises in your class the very next day;
    • Retain your clients through a fresh approach and new routines;
    • Continued education of the Barre Attack teaching techniques;
    • Demonstrate the ability to correctly perform all the new Barre Attack exercises;
    • Understand the purpose and benefit of each Barre Attack exercise and section;
    • Understand the Barre Attack Sliding Discs format and sequencing structure of the Barre Attack program, and how it relates to the Foundation course;
    • Teach a Barre Attack class incorporating the new Barre Attack Sliding Discs series in the correct blocks;
    • Modify the Barre Attack class dependent on desired class length and students' level, as well as advancing the repertoire for your long term students;
    • Exchange marketing ideas with other instructors who have implemented Barre Attack within their studios; and
    • Enjoy working out and having fun with like-minded people from varying backgrounds and different teaching styles.

    If you have been teaching Barre Attack for a while, it's a great fresh new approach for you to implement directly into your classes. We will share the best of our new developments, based on the feedback and suggestions received since working with different studios and clients over the years.


    Barre Sliding Discs - For Certified Barre Instructors


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