Barre Attack

Examination Workshop

Examination Workshop
  • SYDNEY - FACE 2 FACE - SAT - 25 MAR 2023
  • SYDNEY - VIRTUAL (ZOOM) - SAT - 25 MAR 2023
Sat - 25 Mar 2023 (12:30pm to 4:30pm)
Balance Moves - 72A Hall St Bondi Beach
info@barreattack.com (0424 133 544)
Sat - 25 Mar 2023 (12:30pm to 4:30pm)
Virtual (Zoom Live)
info@barreattack.com (0424 133 544)
Only with Agreement from Barre Attack
Video or Face to Face

    All Barre Attack courses are presented in a format that is interactive, fun and easy to grasp. It is our goal for you to apply what you learn in our course the very next day, so that they're earning you money and helping you attract and retain clients.

    "Barre Attack is easy to learn and easy to teach and most importantly your clients will rave about it."



    All participants must have completed the Barre Attack Foundations Teacher Training course.


    Course Description

    The Barre Attack Refresher and Examination Workshop is taught over five hours. Exercises will be revisited, along with the block approach and themes. Every attendee will be expected to know the Examination Class format (videos available online via your Barre Attack Account).  The assessment will involve demonstrating and teaching components of the Examination format.  


    Course Objectives

    • Refresh and revisit all Barre Attack exercises;
    • Revisit all repertoire, and work on correct alignment;
    • Gain a deeper understanding of how to use the exercise blocks and themes;
    • Discuss marketing and sales that will assist you in making Barre Attack a success in your studio... including what has not worked;
    • Learn and understand any new developments in the program;
    • Be encouraged to 'just do it', if you have not yet started to teach the Barre Attack method; and
    • Complete certification.



    Every participant will have the option of completing the examination component of the workshop. This will involve demonstrating competence in instructing the Barre Attack method by actively instructing a portion of the examination format (provided on completion of the Foundations training).

    Candidates should demonstrate correct choreography, cuing, musicality, and smooth transitions while ensuring student safety by demonstrating correct placement and use of equipment. The master instructor will determine who passes and who requires additional training.

    Everyone who successfully certifies will receive a certificate and can call themselves a



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