Barre Attack

Foundations Teacher Training

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Foundations Teacher Training
  • 06-07 FEB 2021 - SYDNEY (FACE 2 FACE)
  • 06-07 FEB 2021 - VIRTUAL (ZOOM LIVE)
Sat 06 Feb 2021 TO Sun 07 Feb 2021 (12:30 TO 7:30 both days)
Balance Moves - 72A Hall St Bondi Beach
info@barreattack.com (0424 133 544)
Sat 06 Feb 2021 TO Sun 07 Feb 2021 (12:30 TO 7:30 both days)
Virtual (Zoom Live)
info@barreattack.com (0424 133 544)

    All Barre Attack courses are presented in a format that is interactive, fun and easy to grasp.  It is our goal for you to apply what you learn in our course the very next day, so that they're earning you money and helping you attract and retain clients.

    The Foundations Teacher Training has been developed and programmed with a fixed, stable Barre.  We recommend the Freestyle Teacher Training course for anyone interested in teaching classes where a fixed, stable Barre will not be present.


    About Barre Attack

    Barre Attack is the complete Barre Fitness class that combines the best of Pilates, Fitness Training and Ballet.  Using the Ballet Barre and Resistance Bands it integrates the fundamentals of Pilates with cardio intervals, core work, functional exercises and dance to create a total body workout.

    Barre Attack is easy to learn and easy to teach and most importantly your clients will rave about it.

    "BA Instructor Training was so rewarding. Renee passes on her expertise with confidence, positivity, professionalism and humility." Belinda Herro

    "Renee and her team have created a syllabus that you can grow into over many years and still be challenged, have fun, be motivated and work hard!" Annette Counsel


    Course Description

    The Barre Attack Foundations course is taught over two days. Each exercise will be demonstrated, discussed and practiced.  Technical points to watch as well as how to teach including cueing will be covered for each exercise.  The course also covers Barre Attack class design and structure so that you can easily amend programming dependent on class length and student requirements.



    The Barre Attack Foundations course and associated Examination is recognised by Fitness Australia for 11 CECS.  To receive the CECs, and become a certified Barre Attack Instructor you must complete both the Foundations Teacher Training and the Examination Workshop.  CECs are also available for completion of Advanced Courses.  


    Course Objectives

    At the completion of this course participants should be able to:

    • Demonstrate the ability to correctly perform all the Barre Attack Foundation exercises;
    • Understand the purpose and benefit of each Barre Attack exercise and section;
    • Understand the format and sequencing structure of the Barre Attack Program;
    • Teach a Barre Attack class;
    • Modify the Barre Attack Class dependent on desired class length and students' level; and
    • Modify Barre Attack exercises upon students' individual needs and level of fitness.

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