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Pilates - Pilates Arc Course

  • SYDNEY - FACE 2 FACE - SUN - 29 OCT 2023
  • SYDNEY - VIRTUAL (ZOOM) - SUN - 29 OCT 2023
SUN 29 OCT 2023 (10:30am - 6:30PM)
Balance Moves - 72A Hall St, Bondi Beach
SUN 29 OCT 2023 (10:30am - 6:30PM)
Virtual (Zoom Live)

    Supercharge your career and studio with our Pilates Arc Course, perfect for existing instructors looking for extensive, diverse, and specialised exercises suited and made for the specific shape and dimensions of the Pilates Arc. 

    Feel inspired and excited to start teaching brand-new repertoire, supported by a 50+ page manual, online videos, and example class formats.

    Why Arc?

    “If your spine is inflexibly stiff at thirty, you are old. If it
    is completely flexible at sixty, you are young”
    – Joseph Pilates


    It will be assumed that all attendees have Pilates certification (all recognised Pilates qualifications are accepted).  The course is aimed at instructors currently teaching Pilates.


    Course Description

    Roll, extend, stretch and mobilise your spine to a younger you in this Pilates Arc Course. The modern Pilates spine corrector is a brilliant tool. Using traditional and contemporary exercises we use the full capacity of the Pilates Arc to increase lung capacity, symmetry, and alignment of the torso.  The Pilates Arc, like the reformer, supports the body and helps with controlling and aligning the client's body. This really works well in a private or group class setting.

    A wide variety of options and variations for a total body workout mainly on the Mat and Reformer along with manual queuing tips will be presented.

    A full manual, small props, and online content will be provided. Participants will actively use the Pilates Arc throughout the course (multiple attendees will share an Arc as appropriate to suit numbers).


    Course Objectives

    To educate, upskill and inspire you and your clients to feel confident, connected, and joyful teaching on the Pilates Arc in a private and/or group class setting.  Using the key principles of centering, breath, and flow, you will experience a full-body workout with mainly the Arc/Mat and then the Arc/Reformer combinations.

    Walk away feeling energised, connected, and present in your body and mind, and ready to teach the very next day!

    What You Can Expect

    • A full 50+ page manual, with exercises, cueing tips, class planning, and structure to create the most flowing and connected Arc workouts possible.
    • 3 filmed class formats and associated PDF to keep forever and view online in your own time.
    • To be thoroughly converted to this marvelous tool and appreciate how it can be a powerful addition to your Pilates repertoire.
    • A perfect new class and props to add as a new revenue source to your current Pilates or Fitness studio timetable.
    • The shape of the Arc invites a slow, conscious, mindful stretch. Enjoy the way your body responds to and connects with the dip and arch of the Arc.
    • To add a whole new dimension to your Pilates workouts. The Arc gives support, resistance, challenge, and feedback with every new exercise you use it for. Exercises you were once familiar with demand a new level of body awareness and a fresh perspective on your technique. The Arc invites and initiatives creative ways to explore different ways of moving through a class.

    Perfect for all instructors looking for multiple variations and repertoire on the Arc.

    LEVEL:  For all levels although not appropriate for people with current spinal injuries or issues due to the amount of flexion, extension, and rotation (although they could observe).

    PASSION/PURPOSE OF COURSE:  We implemented group Pilates Arc classes in my Bondi-based Balance Moves studio several years ago and they have been hugely popular ever since. Our clients rave about the flow and varied sequencing which we provide, with many seeing it as a bridge between Yoga and Pilates.  We continue to explore core work and principles of Pilates while incorporating flow and breathing patterns that are used in our core Pilates principles.  The course is an extension and expansion of a workshop I also created and presented at the PAA Conference in 2019.

    Ideal for existing movement-based teachers and Pilates instructors who wish to develop their repertoire and skills on the Pilates Arc.  Perfect for Pilates privates or group classes on the Mat or Reformer. Feel calm, energised, strengthened, lengthened, excited, and inspired to start teaching straight away.


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