Barre Attack

Sliding Disc Pair - Multi

  • SINGLE ($22.00/PAIR)
  • 10 PACK ($18.00/PAIR)
  • 25 PACK ($15.00/PAIR)
  • 40 PACK ($15.00/PAIR)

    Get a total body workout at home or in the studio, sliding discs are budget friendly, and use little space with minimum impact on your joints.

    The Barre Attack sliding discs allows for smooth, fluid, graceful movements, working multiple muscle groups while engaging core stabilisation throughout the range of motion.

    Our versatile sliding discs program can be incorporated into your Barre Attack block system or can add a new dimension to Private sessions and pilates classes. Check out the @HOME sliding disc classes for some inspiration.

    Barre Attack sliding disc pairs are suitable for carpet and hard surfaces. Each disc is 17.8 cm in diameter and made from ABS, EVA with multi-spandex cloth.

    Bulk Order Pricing

    • Single: $22.00 per pair
    • 10 Pack: $180.00 for 10 pairs ($18.00 per pair)
    • 25 Pack: $375.00 for 25 pairs ($15.00 per pair)

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