So why do a Barre Attack Class?

The short answer is because it will help you lose weight, get toned and look hot. Which is all well and good but how?

Barre Attack like most Barre Classes uses ele­ments from Bal­let and Pilates. But Barre Attack also throws in a very healthy (or hard, if you’re doing the class) dose of car­dio... that means resis­tance bands and things like burpees, lunges and the like.

So you get:

The ben­e­fits of Pilates – Includ­ing body con­di­tion­ing, increas­ing flex­i­bil­ity and help­ing to give you those long, lean mus­cles, you know the look.

The ben­e­fits of Car­dio – Get­ting your heart pump­ing so you’re burn­ing calo­ries, and mak­ing your heart stronger. Reduc­ing the risk of heart issues, reduc­ing stress and basi­cally get­ting you fit.

The ben­e­fits of Bal­let - Includ­ing pos­ture, align­ment, bal­ance and flex­i­bil­ity. Alas, you won’t become a bal­le­rina but you will hear terms like Plie and Arabesque so maybe you will... just a lit­tle bit.

On top of the obvi­ous phys­i­cal ben­e­fits it’s also fun!

Barre Attack is nearly always done to music, the Instruc­tor demon­strates and gen­er­ally does the whole class, and after a few classes you’ll find your rhythm. Hav­ing some great tunes play­ing def­i­nitely helps!

Barre Attack works the whole body, and it’s tough. But with the com­bi­na­tion of dis­ci­plines it’s reward­ing and that’s why it helps you lose weight, get toned and look hot!

Barre Attack was founded in Bondi Beach, Syd­ney Aus­tralia. A very demand­ing mar­ket and home to many famous faces and inter­na­tional mod­els. It was cre­ated by Renee Scott a non-stop fit­ness junkie, a Mas­ter Pilates Instruc­tor and a for­mer dancer with the Ham­burg Ballet. Her clients include Hollywood superstars.

Barre Attack classes are taught in Pilates Stu­dios, Dance Stu­dios and Fit­ness Stu­dios all around Aus­tralia.

We encour­age you to give it a go and we hope you enjoy!

The Barre Attack Team
Bondi Beach, Australia