Being a Certified Barre Attack - Barre Instructor Totally Rocks

If you’ve recently completed your Barre Attack foundations training and you’re feeling anxious about taking the exam workshop or wondering whether you’re on the right path, here are three of the things we love best about being Certified Barre Attack Barre Instructors to get help get you back on track:

It’s creative, dynamic and super rewarding

Phoebe, one of our Certified Barre Attack instructors here at Balance Moves, loves that barre teaching allows her to explore her creativity. “Just when I think I’ve introduced every variation there is, Barre Attack gives me something new to play with,” she says. The Barre Attack resources – handbooks, videos, training workshops, retreats (did someone say Bali?!), website, equipment – all provide not just a solid foundation of expertise but a constant array of fresh inspiration. Within the framework of the Barre Attack model, there is plenty of room for a barre instructor to bring their own voice and style to a class.

And speaking of classes, that’s one of the other fantastic things about being an instructor: “I love the intensity of the class and the amazing vibe of everyone working so hard together,” says Phoebe. “It’s so rewarding.” You become an important part of people’s lives and their commitment to a fit, healthy, mindful life – that can be a real thrill and a great privilege. Seeing clients slog it out day after day and get fitter and more confident is one the greatest rewards of being a barre instructor. Honestly, it makes our usually rock-hard cores go all gooey inside!

You will be part of an amazing community

As a barre fitness instructor, you will find yourself part of a vibrant, contemporary, ambitious community of teachers who are at the forefront of fitness trends. At a time when the demand for diverse exercise options is greater than ever, as a barre instructor you will be in the best position to leverage off that interest with up-to-the-minute, creative workouts for your clients. Plus, you get to be part of our Barre Attack community which is so important to us. We love having a family of instructors (and it’s a big family – 1000 and growing!) who can turn to each other and to us for support, guidance, professional development, and advanced training. Our physical home is in the heart of Bondi where you can come and visit us any time (make sure you give yourself time for a swim and coffee!), but we can offer support wherever you are. Once you’ve completed your exam after your Foundations course you can:

  • Attend advanced teacher trainings that will keep you inspired and keep your clients coming back for more
  • Be included on the locations page on our website so that clients can easily find you
  • Become a VIP member and receive new class formats and videos every two months
  • As a VIP, get great discounts on Barre Attack apparel and equipment
  • Tap into an ever-growing client base of over 10,000 people participating in Barre Attack every week

It’s a unique lifestyle

Yes, it’s demanding. To satisfy you clients’ needs, you will often be up at the crack of dawn to teach early classes and your last class for the day will often end will into the evening. But the non-traditional work hours can also make it easier for you to construct a work/life balance that works for you.

Plus you get to wear your fav activewear all day for completely legit reasons! And you are living the fit and healthy lifestyle that you are committed to sharing with others. You’ll find that it’s more important than ever to find time to do your own classes and find opportunities to have down time. And you’ll totally get over your embarrassment of wearing a microphone headset in class when you realise just how much it amps up your clients to hear you clearly over the beats, and just how much it can save your voice in the long run. Sure, you knew you’d be using every other muscle, but it might come as a surprise that your vocal chords get a great workout too! 

If you’ve got any questions about the exam workshop or think you might like to sign up for the Foundations training, please don’t hesitate to give us call. We’d love to have you on board!

And remember, if you've completed the Foundations training then the Examination Class Format will be available to view online via your www.barreattack.com account.

Want to learn more about becoming a Certified Barre Attack - Barre Instructor? Check out this short video: