Barre Teacher Training - Keep your clients challenged and Learn the Benefits

If you are currently a pilates, yoga, dance or fitness trainer but are looking to meet your clients’ demand for more variety in their workouts, a higher intensity approach, or just a new challenge, then Barre Attack instructor training might just be what you’ve been looking for.

One of the many benefits of barre training is that it combines a low impact approach with high intensity exercises and a focus on maintaining perfect form throughout.

Low impact Barre Classes – why it matters

In terms of exercise, the word impact refers to the force exerted onto the bones and joints by a particular activity. During high impact activities, like running, both feet are likely to come off the ground which means that our body weight is going to be impacting on our bones and joints every time we land. Yes, some impact is good for developing bone strength and for getting the heart rate up. But it also puts us at greater risk of injury and the days of relentless high impact exercise are over now that there is a better understanding that a balance is more desirable. With the increasing popularity of yoga and pilates, more and more people are experiencing the benefits of low impact exercise.

However, when people hear the term “low impact”, they can tend to make assumptions about the kind of work out they’ll be getting – that it won’t be strenuous enough, that it won’t burn enough calories, that it won’t challenge them enough. As a qualified barre instructor, you’ll best allay those concerns by delivering one of the toughest full body workouts they are ever likely to experience.

Small but perfectly formed Barre Moves

You will know from going to barre classes that keeping your form is essential to getting value out of the movements and that sometimes a small, precise movement is far more effective than a big, dramatic one. As a barre instructor you will very quickly learn to spot someone who is sacrificing form for a bigger – but not necessarily better – range of movement. It’s an easy mistake for students to make because many of us are in the habit of equating bigger, faster movements with more effective exercise. In your barre instructor training, you will learn the multitude of ways in which students resist embracing the burn of a small accurate movement and opt for the easier, bigger movement – swinging rather than tilting, throwing rather than lifting, collapsing rather than aligning. A great barre instructor will know all the tricks because chances are you’ve tried them yourself!

Amping up the impact - Barre Cardio

Burpees, frog squats, knee repeaters, mountain climbers – these are all ways to get the whole body moving at speed and a chance to introduce a quick, tough round of higher impact movements to your barre class. The opportunity to really go for it for a few reps is something your students will love – the bigger movements not only have an important place in the barre attack sequence but serve to crank up the momentum and the energy in the room. As a barre instructor you will learn how to balance these bursts of intense cardio with the burn of smaller but just as demanding exercises.

Barre Attack’s unique approach to movement - its precision and intensity combined with its energy and dynamism – makes it not only a great class to participate in, but a wonderful class to teach. As a qualified barre instructor, you will be able to help your clients build strength and mobility in a way that is safe but extremely effective. Any doubts they had about this “low impact” workout being too easy for them will disappear as the sweat starts to drip, the heart starts to pump, and the muscles start to burn.

Build your teaching repertoire and versatility today by signing up for Barre Attack teacher training. We can’t wait to see you at the barre!