5 Reasons to Come on our Bali Barre Retreat

Barre Attack is once again heading to heavenly Bali to host a Barre Retreat in the paradise of Komune Bali Resort. Enjoy 3-4 sessions a day of Pilates, Barre and Yoga taught by Renee (the Founder) and some of her top Bondi Barre Instructors. It's not to be missed, and here are 5 reasons why... 

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How to Get a Ballet Body

Score a ballerina-esque physique with our dance-inspired Barre Class workout tips. Five tips that will get you that dancer body look.

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Six Reasons Barre Classes Will Make You Sexy

Barre Attack is one of the best new and inno­v­a­tive ways to stay in shape. Why? Because it helps you look and feel sexy! Var­i­ous celebri­ties are already using it, more places are offer­ing classes and because you don’t need any expe­ri­ence or spe­cial gear every­one can give it a go.

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3 Exercises you can do in the Office

One of the biggest com­plaints peo­ple have when talk­ing about exer­cise is that they don’t have the time. Deep down we know it is more of an excuse than a com­plaint, but we won’t admit that to just anybody.

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